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Stress and Tension & Sickness absence
A tense employee can be a risk concerning absence due to illness. A precautionary policy to prevent sickness absence is of great concern to any business. Over the last years our dynamic society has had to deal increasingly with the consequences of stress and a (too) high work pressure. To keep your skills up the par there are numerous training programs. That is all taken care of. But what about the physical and mental condition? Often those will hold you back during a demanding day at the office. To avoid health problems and sickness absence it is important to structurally work on stress reduction and the relaxation of the muscles. Chair massage is an excellent aid in dealing with this issue. This prevention method is being used in an increasing number of businesses nowadays.


Stress It is well known that stress increases the tension in your muscles. This tension will bring about more pain and pressure, especially when you have an accumulation of waste products that is caused by overburdening certain muscles.

Muscle tension In a lot of occupations repeated actions occur, placing a heavy load on a small muscle or even a muscle group. However, these executed actions only take a small effort. Because of that the heart function doesn't increase. Naturally, an ergonomically designed chair and keyboard are the first requirements for the office staff, but the combination of disproportionate use of a muscle or small muscle group and no extra supply of blood, can nevertheless cause the muscle to become sour and assume a base tone that is too high.

The chair massage (a pressure point massage technique) stimulates the blood circulation, which stimulates the self healing capacity of the body, breaking through the tension cycle. After a treatment one feels refreshed, relaxed, energized and alert. The body zones most heavily burdened by the job are particularly taken care of: head, shoulders and back. However, the arms, hands and hips are also attended too!

Massage sessions
A chair massage can be given at the work place. It only takes 15 minutes. You can simply take a seat, fully clothed, on a special ergonomically designed chair. This chair supports the entire body so you can relax yourself to the maximum. Structurally offering the chair massage as part of a preventive policy is possible, and under certain conditions even tax-deductible for your organization.